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Property & Commercial Lease Solicitors

Welcome to Property Law and Commercial Leases. We, Maxlaw Solicitors, are leading solicitors in providing property law and commercial leases services like commercial leases, lease extensions & renewals. Commercial Law practices by us are of the business and commercial standards.

We can help find the best lease for your business. When negotiating a lease document, it’s easy to overlook the legal details. After all, who wants to read pages and pages of dense legalese when you want to get on with launching your new business? The good news is that commercial lease law in the UK is fairly straightforward. The bad news is that ignoring those legal details could have serious consequences for your business in the future. The risk of signing a one-sided lease contract is that you will be giving away more rights than you gain. We, MaxLaw Solicitors, help our clients avoid making mistakes when reviewing their lease documents and how avoid falling into the same traps.

Commercial leases can be a minefield for the unwary landlord or tenant. The cost of getting things wrong can be huge. That’s why it’s crucial to have a specialist on your side who understands the legal issues and can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Our expert lawyers will draw up your commercial lease to a high standard, ensuring that your rights and obligations are clear.

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Below are some of the services we provide. Get in contact for further information and consultation.

  • New Commercial Leases
  • Lease Agreements
  • Lease Renewal
  • Lease Extensions
  • Change of Use Licence
  • Licence to Sublet
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Licence for Alterations
  • Land Acquisition and Development
  • Enforcement of Lease
  • Agreements and Conditions
  • Preparing Tenancy Agreements
  • Security of Tenure
  • Licence to occupy
  • Cases of Unlawful Eviction
  • Cases of Unlawful Stay
  • Lease Disputes Resolutions
  • Cases of Property Damage.

We are Hounslow, West London based UK visa and immigration & commercial law Solicitors and we have been practicing in UK visa and immigration, commercial and property law, and family law for more than decade with very high satisfaction and success rate.

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