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Commissioner For Oaths

A commissioner for oaths or an oath commissioner is an attorney or solicitor who is authorized to administer oath to a person making an affidavit.

The commissioner for oaths administers, verifies and authenticates affidavits, statutory declarations, oaths, important legal or business documents and is authorized by the Lord Chancellor to do so. The commissioners for oaths can take and verify various documents and statements which include declarations of one’s identity, nationality, legal position, change of name deeds, attestations of one’s documents for legal or business purposes like IDs, licences, passports, permits, etc. They can also act as ‘Power of Attorneys’ which can act on your behalf legally in any situation where you may need them like appointing power of attorneys for your estate or executing your last will and testament or handling affairs of your foundation or fund. They can be witnesses to the signing of important documents for legal purposes.

   Maxlaw Solicitors have many years of experience as acting as commissioner for oaths, taking affidavits, statutory declarations, power of attorneys, etc. We have been serving our clients with absolute dedication, integrity, and honesty. With our experience and expertise, we know best strategy and way forward for each client, give most appropriate advice, prepare your documents properly, deal with complications, and handling matters to the absolute satisfaction of our clients.

    • Power Of Attorney
    • Witness to Signing of Documents
    • Attestations of IDs, Passports, Licences
    • Change Of Name Deed
    • Certification Of Documents
    • Verification of Nationality and Identity
    • Statutory Declaration
    • Affidavits
    • Attestation of Business Documents
    • Testimonies
    • Attestation of Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death Certificates

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