Our Hourly Fees

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At Max Law, we provide our clients with flexibility in our fee arrangements.

 We offer both fixed fee and hourly rate options, allowing us to tailor the fee structure to suit the unique needs of each client. The specific agreement regarding fees will be determined through a thorough evaluation of the client’s case, considering the complexity of the matter, the extent of work involved, and the time and resources required to meet the client’s legal requirements.


Our Hourly Rates of Professionals

The hourly charging rates (exclusive of vat) of the legal professionals who are currently associated with and work under MaxLaw are as under:


Legal ProfessionalHourly Rate £Job Title
Shafaqat Ali£373Principal Solicitor & Managing Director
M. Bilal Hussnain£373Solicitor
Kamran Ashraf£244Solicitor
Amer Manzoor£373Solicitor
Charlotte Penasor£139Trainee Solicitor
M Zain Arsahd£139Trainee Solicitor
Raees Ahmad£139Trainee Solicitor
Ilsa Fatma£139RFL (Paralegal)



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Our dedicated team of immigration solicitors at MaxLaw is committed to delivering high-quality services to all our clients regarding their immigration issues. We carefully assess your documentation and status to determine the appropriate course of action and provide accurate guidance.

We diligently prepare and submit applications on behalf of our clients, ensuring that all necessary documents and information are included and submitted in a timely manner. We also keep you informed about the progress of your immigration matters without any unnecessary delays.